" Food For All "

Our Dream to Demolish Hunger from India

All India Life Foundation

Covered over 122 block over West Bengal

All India Life Foundation

Over 2000 Employment.. Almost 5000 Engagement

All India Life Foundation

Target to feed around 2 billion people this year...

Welcome to our  AILF

All India Life Foundation” is a non-profit organization that operates on a public-private-partnership model. Head office in Kolkata. The organization strives to fight issues like hunger, illness, no schooling,womens football,free scholership for brilliant poor students in India. We believe every child have their childhood by given food, medicine, assurance, education, games etc.This has enabled the programmed to grow from serving 5 children to 1500 children in the month of January’15 to January’17.All India Life Foundation also depends on corporate funds, philanthropic donors, volunteers and well wisher for managing such massive operation.

We love to help all the children that have problems in the world. After 15 years we have many goals achieved.

Every one of us, at some times in our life, feels like contributing towards the improvement of the society.



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